How to Find the Wi-Fi Address for a Computer

By Steve Gregory

You can manage the IP addresses on your network from your router's Administration page.
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The ipconfig Windows command line utility displays your computer’s Wi-Fi address, or the machine’s IP address on your local wireless network, through the Command Prompt utility. Whether you manually assigned your computer a static IP address or enabled your router to automatically assign an IP address using the DHCP feature, your computer’s IP address is still a unique identifier on the network. Knowing your computer’s IP address can help you to troubleshoot computer network problems, such as an IP address conflict.

Step 1

Place your cursor at the top-right corner of the screen, and then select the "Search" charm.

Step 2

Enter "cmd" in the Search field, and then select "Command Prompt" from the Apps Results screen to launch the Command Prompt utility.

Step 3

Type "ipconfig" -- without quotation marks -- at the command line.

Step 4

Press the "Enter" key to display the Windows IP configuration information.

Step 5

Scroll down the window until you see "IPv4 Address." The set of numbers next to "IPv4 Address" is your computer's IP address on the Wi-Fi network.