Why Is Internet Safety Important?

By Larry Amon

Why Is Internet Safety Important?

Safety on the Internet is not the same as safety on a playground but it can be just as important. You may think that being in the privacy of your home provides more security but trouble can easily be found, especially for kids on the Internet.


Most people don't want pornography on their computer, especially if you have children, Pornography is available on many sites and sometimes masquerades on websites that sound like popular websites. Keeping pornography out is a primary reason for safety precautions.


Predators prey on young children, luring them into dangerous situations, often over Internet chat rooms predators will disguise themselves as other kids and lure kids into meeting them.


Thousands of people are either tricked by email scams or have their information stolen resulting in significant personal financial loss.


Adware, spyware and viruses dramatically slow your computer down. Commonly refered to as malware these programs hide in seemingly innocent downloads.


Computer viruses can take over your computer to make your computer a drone in doing all sorts of unlawful activity. Viruses can come attached in emails or by clicking on a seemingly innocent weblink.