Why Does YouTube Have "This Channel Is Not Available"?

By Todd Bowerman

Your YouTube videos won't show up if your channel is having problems.
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A YouTube channel is an excellent tool for engaging new customers and providing useful content to clients. However, it is only effective if the channel is operating correctly. If there’s something wrong, visitors may check out your channel only to be greeted with the “This Channel is Not Available” message. This message has a variety of causes but always one result: No one can watch your videos. To solve this problem, you will first need to determine why it is occurring in the first place.

Visibility Settings

In order for users to watch the videos you post, you’ll need to ensure your YouTube channel has the correct visibility settings. Log into your account and click the small arrow next to your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select “Settings.” Next, click the “Advanced” tab under “Channel Settings.” Here you can choose whether your YouTube channel is visible to the public. Only accounts with branding options are provided with visibility settings, normal accounts are visible by default.

Account Suspension or Termination

Your channel will only remain visible on YouTube if the videos you post fall within YouTube’s terms of service. If you post videos to which you do not own the copyright or violate the content guidelines offered by the YouTube community, your account may be suspended or terminated. When this occurs, the “This Channel is Not Available” message will replace the channel and its video. YouTube will contact you if your account is in violation.

Technical Problems

As much as the Internet and the technology surrounding it has improved in the last decade, technical hiccups can and do occur. If your YouTube channel is normally fine and you have broken no rules, the likely cause of the “Not Available” error message is some sort of technical goof on the YouTube servers. These problems normally work themselves out, but you should contact YouTube support if your channel remains unavailable for more than a few hours.

Account Deletion

When a YouTube account is completely deleted and its channel wiped, the “This Channel is Not Available” message will replace the original page. Visiting YouTube’s “Advanced Account Settings” page offers you a “Close Account” button, which permanently deletes all of your YouTube uploads, channel settings and everything else associated with your account. If you have closed your YouTube account, you will need to start an entirely new channel to share videos again.