How to Whitelist an Email in Outlook 2007

By Rochelle Connery

Microsoft Outlook 2007 offers several methods of "whitelisting" email addresses. Whitelisting an email, which Microsoft Outlook refers to as adding to the "Safe Senders" list, tells Outlook to allow emails from a certain sender into a user's inbox, rather than dumping it in a spam or junk email folder. The location in which you found the email from the sender in question will help dictate how you add it to Outlook's Safe Senders list.

Launch Microsoft Outlook 2007. Select the "Mail" tab from the bottom left of the window if you are in a different pane, such as the Calendar or Tasks pane.

Whitelist an email manually. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007, select "Tools" and "Options" from the top menu. Select "Junk Email Options" and "Safe Senders" under the "Preferences" tab. Click "Add." Input the email address of the person you wish to whitelist. Click "OK" to save your work.

Add a sender whose email got stuck in a "Junk Email" or spam folder. Navigate to the folder of choice, then right-click the desired email header. Select "Junk Email" and "Add to Safe Senders List." You may also select the "Add Sender's Domain to Safe Senders List" to whitelist an entire domain. Addresses from a particular domain will all contain the same characters found after the "@" sign in the address.