What Is a Touch Screen Terminal?

By David Kennedy

A touch screen terminal is a touch screen device generally used for conference, business and service applications. It is a public tool of convenience and has a monitor-like interface with buttons and selectable features on the screen.


A touch screen terminal allows the user to directly interact with the device without secondary equipment like a mouse or keyboard. It does not need a stylus.


Touch screen terminals can be found attached to computers, as separate machines or connected to a network. ATMs and some electronic cash registers are touch screen terminals.


There are different types of touch screen terminals. Resistive, capacitive and surface acoustic wave are different technologies, but they all respond to human fingers.


Most touch screen terminals only need finger pressure as a stylus, though a stylus can be used. The fingernail can also be used. Touch screens have on-screen instructions with selectable choices. Applying pressure to a choice selects it.


Constantly holding up the arm to operate a touch screen or constantly putting pressure on a finger to use a touch screen can cause stress. Service touch screen terminals do not create these problems due to the brevity of their usage.