What Is Streaming Video?

by Pallab Dutta

Streaming video is content transmitted continuously in compressed format over the Internet or data networks in real-time. Streaming video has made it possible to share and view videos and movie trailers over the Web. It has redefined the concept of online and on-demand entertainment, and even business communication practices.

Media Players' Facilitation

To stream videos on PCs or laptops, users need to have RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or other media players offered online.

High-Speed Internet Catalyst

Proliferation of high-speed Internet connectivity services and options has made streaming video more popular among millions of Internet users.

Streaming Video

Using streaming video clips and video broadcasts, applications are developed by the education and government sectors for specific user audiences. Enterprises and businesses are also using streaming video on company networks to conduct training programs and meetings.

TV Episodes/News

Network and cable broadcasters let viewers watch select programs on their websites by streaming the video content in real time. Network news broadcasters can also stream news feeds and even entire news capsules in real time.

On-Demand Entertainment

Availability of archival programs and even sporting events, movies on many free-sharing sites and official websites, make it possible for busy professionals, students, homemakers to stream the videos anytime.

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