What Is a Pop Up Blocker?

by Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Pop up blockers are easy tools that can help prevent unwanted materials from the internet. They are very easy to learn how to use, and they can be useful to have when browsing the Internet. Continue reading below to learn how to block unwanted material, and how a pop-up blocker can be beneficial for you.

What Does a Pop Up Blocker do?

A pop up blocker blocks unwanted windows or ads that may appear when trying to browse the internet.

How to Block Unwanted Ads or Windows

Once you install pop up blocker software, you can type in Websites that you wish not to receive pops from. The program will then block all pop-ups from the listed Website.

What If You Do Not Want to Block a Pop Up?

If you would like to view a certain pop up or window, you can easily select "Allow Pop-ups" on the Website that you would like to view pop ups on.

Preventing Unwanted Spyware and Advertisements

Pop up blockers can help prevent your computer from receiving unwanted spyware or ads that could possibly harm your system. By allowing it to block ads, you can control the type of windows that are allowed to be viewed on your computer. It can help you from clicking on links that could possibly spread a virus, adware or spyware on your computer.

Where Can You Get a Pop Up Blocker?

Most pop up blockers are free and can be easily downloaded on the Internet. The Google toolbar comes with an already installed pop-up blocker. Also, the yahoo toolbar has a pop up blocker of its own, too (see Resources).

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