What Is Microsoft Silverlight Used For?

By Felicia Blue

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Adobe Flash has a fierce competitor. It's called Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft is working aggressively to convince businesses to use Silverlight for two reasons. First, Silverlight can create unique user and brand loyalty experiences. Second, customers will repeatedly come to the businesses' websites because of these experiences. Learn what Microsoft Silverlight does.


Microsoft Silverlight played an influential role by providing live on-demand video streaming of the Democratic National Convention and the Olympics on the Internet.


Microsoft Silverlight has a Deep Zoom feature, which allows you to keep zooming in on the picture without distorting it.


Netflix uses Microsoft Silverlight to deliver on-demand movies via the Internet to its customers. Some customers had complained the streaming video was choppy and grainy. Microsoft fixed this problem by releasing an upgrade.


Microsoft Silverlight allows you to create and deliver content to mobile devices.


Microsoft Silverlight delivers high-definition video and rich interactive applications on multiple platforms, including Windows, MAC and Linux.

Famous Ties

Microsoft has collaborated with CBS and the National Collegiate Athletic Association to stream video of the March Madness basketball championship.