What Is the AMD USB Filter Driver?

By Benny Taylor

The latest USB filter driver can enhance the performance of your peripherals.
i Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

If you have a computer using an AMD chipset, you may be able to improve the performance of USB devices connected to your machine if you install the latest AMD USB filter driver.

The USB filter driver enables your operating system to correctly interact with the USB ports integrated with your specific hardware.


The AMD USB filter driver controls detection of the connection and removal of USB devices. Installing it will ensure that this detection is reliable.

HP highlights improvements to the performance of USB speakers and TV cards when the latest USB filter driver is installed.


When you buy a computer from a manufacturer using an AMD chipset, the USB filter driver is usually pre-installed. However, driver updates are frequently released which incorporate big fixes and performance enhancements. For this reason, computer manufacturers make the latest driver versions freely available for download via their websites.


Problems related to an out-of-date USB filter driver can include USB devices not being detected or becoming unavailable when your computer comes out of stand-by mode. More specific issues, fixed by past driver revisions, include sound distortion on USB headsets and a flashing screen when using a USB TV tuner.


The USB filter driver download is an executable .EXE file. After downloading, simply double-click the file and follow the online instructions. The installer will prompt you to restart your PC to complete the installation.