What Is ScanDisk?

by Quinten Plummer

ScanDisk is a simple but effective hardware utility that works at the basic, or DOS, level of a PC-based computer system. ScanDisk is able to check the integrity of a disk drive and correct many errors.


ScanDisk was acquired by Microsoft from Norton and is now bundled with its popular DOS program.


ScanDisk runs a scan over all sectors of the hard drive. It checks every folder and file for errors, orphaned files and corrupt files.


Because ScanDisk is packaged in DOS, you can repair error outside of Windows, if your operating system crashes.


You should run ScanDisk on your computer about once every 3 months.


You cannot use ScanDisk to repair a CD or DVD-ROM drive. A CD/DVD-ROM can only be erased or written with burning software.

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