About Medisoft

By Constance Keasler

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Developed by McKesson Corporation, Medisoft is medical billing software used by health care professionals to input, submit and manage insurance claims and patient accounts receivable. There are four versions of Medisoft, with the latest being Medisoft v15. The family of software runs in a Windows environment and does not support wireless networks. It is sold through authorized resellers or McKesson direct, depending on the size of the health care organization, and continues to be updated to accommodate health care and insurance changes.


Medisoft Payment Application

The core software manages the money for health care professionals through monitoring past due patient accounts, collections, write-offs and initial patient co-pays. All of the financial data is real time, providing a cash flow picture for decision-making. The software can be used to set up patient payment plans, accounts receivable threshold warnings and multiple fee schedules. Medisoft v15 includes 229 new reports, missed co-pay information and additional printing capabilities.

Medisoft Patient Accounting

Medisoft Patient Accounting is the basic software for use on one computer. It automates the manual tasks of scheduling patients and entering payments. It also handles basic Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of 1996 (HIPPA) electronic transaction and billing code requirements.

Medisoft Advanced

Medisoft Multimedia

Designed to run on one computer, Medisoft Advanced provides users with more features than the basic system to enable users with more information and capabilities. When a patient calls to make an appointment and he has an open balance, the systems alerts the users. It provides a quick look at real time numbers in General Ledger, permits easy payment application, handles write-offs and provides insurance and patient collection to-dos.

Medisoft Network Professional

Using the Medisoft Advanced foundation, Medisoft Network Professional extends capabilities to multiple concurrent users, even at different locations. Patient insurance cards, photo identification, and sound and video can be stored in the software. The user can add individual patient information such as medications, history, vital signs and allergies to customize patient records. Additional features include records archiving and internal and external messaging.

Medisoft Clinical EMR

Medisoft Clinical EMR can be added on or licensed instead of other editions. It combines the features of medical billing and electronic records. Medisoft Clinical EMR is fully integrated so that transactions move seamlessly through all of the everyday processes, reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency. Practitioners can view all prescriptions for every patient from any pharmacist to prevent drug incompatibility. Automatic patient alerts and reminders based on age, sex, medications and diseases recommend personalized patient check-ups and tests.

Medical Billing 2009 Stimulus

Part of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allocated $19 billion to the medical industry for implementing technology that helps prevent health care errors. Any practice that can prove the use of electronic medical billing software to prescribe patient medication is entitled to receive a maximum of $64,000 investment reimbursement.