What Does the Yellow Star Mean in Google Chrome?

By David Nield

The Chrome Web browser is developed and released by Google.
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The yellow star in the address bar of Google Chrome indicates the current page is bookmarked. As in other browsers, you can use Chrome's bookmarks to keep track of sites (such as client pages or supplier order forms) that you need to return to again and again. You can add or remove bookmarks by clicking on the star in the address bar.

The Address Bar

The star at the right-hand end of Chrome's address bar can be used as a shortcut for adding and removing bookmarks. If it's yellow, the current page is already stored as a bookmark; otherwise it appears white. Click on the star and a bookmark pop-up window appears: from here you can set the name and folder of the bookmark, or remove it from your bookmarks list. Select "Edit" to make more changes and visit the full bookmark manager screen.

Managing Bookmarks

By following the "Edit" link on the bookmark pop-up window or by selecting "Bookmarks" and "Bookmark manager" from the Chrome menu you can see all of the bookmarks that are currently stored and organize them as necessary. Use the "Organize" drop-down menu to create new folders and sub-folders and to add new sites to the bookmark list. The Bookmarks bar is a toolbar that can be kept on screen permanently, and any sites listed in this folder are included on the toolbar. Press "Ctrl+Shift+B" to display or hide the Bookmarks bar.

Syncing Bookmarks

If you choose to sign in to Chrome using a Google Account then you have the option to sync your bookmarks across all the machines where Chrome is installed (including mobile devices). Select "Sign in to Chrome" from the Chrome menu and choose to sync everything (including passwords, bookmarks, extensions and Web apps) or click "Advanced" and then "Choose what to sync" to make changes. This action is not recommended if you are using a public or shared computer.

Examples of Use

Google Chrome's bookmark feature can be used in whatever way you see fit, and the folder system means you can organize your bookmarks into several sections, should you need to. You might want to keep quick links to specific pages on your website, for example, or to post creation tools in your content management system. If you use an online office suite such as Google Drive you can link to specific documents from your bookmarks bar too. Another way you can use bookmarks is to quickly call up your company's social media pages on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.