What Does it Mean If My iPod Shuffle's Orange Light Is Blinking When It's Plugged Into My Computer?

by Carol Finch ; Updated February 10, 2017

Checking your iPod Shuffle's status works a little differently to other iPods, as it doesn't have a screen. However, the device does have a series of solid and blinking status lights which have different meanings depending on whether the device is connected to your computer or not. When connected, a blinking orange light warns you that the device is doing some housekeeping work, such as syncing.

Don't Disconnect When the Orange Light Blinks

When you connect your iPod Shuffle to your computer, you'll see a green or orange light. Green means the device is fully charged; solid orange means it is charging. In either case, you can safely disconnect it by taking it off the cable. However, if the light blinks orange, the device is in the middle of an activity, and you shouldn't disconnect it this way. If you remove it from the cable when the light blinks, you may damage files and have to restore it.

Use Eject Before You Disconnect

If you need to remove your iPod Shuffle from your computer before the blinking orange light turns solid or green, Apple recommends that you eject it before you unplug it from its cable. If you're in iTunes, select the Shuffle's icon to open its management page and then the "Eject" button, a horizontal line with an up arrow. You can also eject devices from your computer's System Tray by selecting "Safely Remove Hardware," from This PC in Windows 8 or My Computer in Windows 7.

Other IPod Shuffle Lights

You can also use light colors to see the status of your iPod Shuffle when it's not connected to your computer. If the light is green, its charge is between 50 to 100 percent; if orange, it's around 25 percent. If the light is solid red, your battery needs recharging very soon. You can also check battery status by pressing the VoiceOver button twice.

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