What Is the Color Code for an Ethernet Cable?

by Rebecca O'Brien

Ethernet cables are cables used specifically for the ethernet protocol. The most common cable type used for ethernet applications is category 5 (Cat5), a shielded cable that contains four pairs of twisted wires. Cat5 cables are more popular for ethernet applications than other options, such as coaxial cables, because of their high transfer speed over short distances.


Ethernet Cable Pin Diagram

The pins on the connector should be read left (1) to right (8), with the connector held vertically and the contacts facing you.

Pins 1 and 2

The green striped wire connects to pin 1. The solid green connects to pin 2. This pair receives data.

Pins 3 and 4

The orange striped wire connects to pin 3. The solid blue connects to pin 4. The orange striped wire transmits data, while the blue is unused.

Pins 5 and 6

The blue striped wire connects to pin 5. The solid orange connects to pin 6. The orange wire transmits data, and and the blue wire is unused.

Pins 7 and 8

The brown striped wire connects to pin 7. The solid brown connects to pin 8. This pair is not used.

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