What Causes Paper Jams on Kodak Printers?

By Melissa King

When you're trying to print a business document or photo on your Kodak inkjet or laser printer, few things are more frustrating than a paper jam. Paper gets stuck in your printer for specific reasons. Knowing what causes paper jams in your Kodak printer helps prevent them in the future.

Paper Type

If a certain type of paper keeps getting jammed in your Kodak printer, the printer may not support it. All printers usually accept basic white paper, but other types, such as card stock, labels or envelopes, might be too thick or the wrong size for your machine. To find out what types of paper your printer accepts, read the machine's user manual. You can find a user guide for your printer on the Kodak website (see Resources).

Loading Paper

Incorrectly loaded paper is a major cause of paper jams in any printer. Kodak recommends that you fan the paper into a neat stack before loading it to prevent the pages from sticking and jamming. Also use just one type of paper per tray. Don't overload the tray; Kodak suggests loading between five and 20 sheets per tray to avoid jams. Always load the paper with the correct side facing up. When loading, slide the paper stack into the tray until it stops, then adjust the paper-edge guides to meet the edges of the stack.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects that get stuck inside the printer will jam it. For example, torn scraps of paper get stuck in the printer's rollers, preventing sheets from passing through. If you have a laser printer, toner may also leak from the unit and cause a jam. Leaked ink from an inkjet cartridge causes this problem as well. Open your printer's lid and check for debris and objects stuck inside. If you find spilled toner or ink, wipe it up with a damp cloth, then let the printer dry before trying to print again. Don't use any type of chemicals to clean the printer, as they may damage the machine.

Correcting Paper Jams

If a paper jam isn't removed correctly, the paper can tear, and extracting the torn sheet will be even more difficult as well as introducing paper debris that causes jams in the future. To properly remove the jam, turn off the printer and look for the stuck sheet. Inspect the tray and open the printer door to find the jammed paper. When you find the jam, grasp the paper with both hands and pull it slowly toward you. Don't pull the paper out too quickly or roughly, since it will likely rip if you do. If you have trouble, manually rotate the gears or rollers inside the printer to push the paper out.