What Are the Benefits of an Activity Log?

By Daniel Tolliday

Activity logs are a great way to enhance the productivity of your business.
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Activity logs are written records of how time is spent in a business, and they can can be used to measure how much time you and your employees spend on certain tasks. The duration of each activity log is usually one week. When used for business purposes, activity logs can contain information such as how long employees are spending during lunch time and how much time they spend checking emails each day.

Increase Productivity

A severe lack of communication is often the root cause of modern productivity problems. When each activity is being recorded in your log, you will be able to see first hand where your time and your employees' is being spent. An activity log could also be thought of as a communication tool. When everyone in your company is participating in the log, results can be easily analyzed to make corrections.

Detail Activities

The most beneficial aspect of using an activity log is that you can detail and record day-to-day activities to gain greater insight into how your business operates. You can also find out which employees are performing at their best and track their progress throughout the year. It's in this way that activity logs can also be used as an employee incentive.

Address Weaknesses

You can spot areas where your business is under-performing much easier when using activity logs. For example, sales might be lower than they should during a certain time of year, and you may need to correct the problem by raising the advertising budget. When using an activity log, you will be able to see problems such as this and correct them before they have a negative impact on your business.

Improve Time Management

When you have the ability to chart every hour each day with an activity log, you will find that you have more time for tasks of greater importance. Time management is a crucial part of the success of a business, and utilizing an activity log could be an effective way to improve it.

Minimize Low-Value Tasks

Stop yourself and employees from wasting valuable time by recording everything in your activity log. Productivity is decreased when employees spend time on Facebook or checking emails too frequently. These tasks prevent them from spending time on more important business projects.