How to Find My Website History

By Tammy Clevenger

One of the great features of the most popular Web browsers is the "history" feature. This feature allows the user to revisit Web pages they have viewed in the past. The browser history entries are organized by date and time the page was visited. Browser history may be deleted from the history record, and may be configured in the browser's "Preferences" to disallow saving the browser history entirely. Popular browsers provide quick and easy viewing access to your browser history.

View History in Internet Explorer

Open the Internet Explorer browser.

Click the "Favorites" button just under the top navigation bar.

Click the "History" tab. View the browser history in the left navigation window.

View History in Firefox

Open the Firefox browser and click "History" from the top navigation bar.

Click "Show All History." The left navigation pane, also known as the "Library," will open with the "History" tab highlighted, showing the browser history organized by date and time.

Press and hold CTRL + SHIFT + the letter "H" while the Firefox browser is open. This action will also display the browser history in the left navigation pane (Library).