Webcam Installation for Ezonics

By Naoma Serna

Webcam Installation for Ezonics
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The Ezonics EZCam Webcam can be installed with either the driver CD found packaged with the unit or by downloading the latest driver from Ezonics' website. When installing a universal serial bus (USB) webcam device, it is important to first complete the driver installation before connecting the Webcam to the USB port. This prevents the files from becoming corrupt and helps the computer detect the Webcam.

Program Conflicts

When the Ezonics EZCam is already installed on a PC and at one point functioning properly, but is no longer detected by the computer, there may be file conflicts with a new program you recently installed. Uninstall the last program you installed and uninstall the Webcam drivers. Reinstall the program, then reinstall new, updated drivers you download from the Internet.

Corrupt Drivers

If the camera was previously working on the computer and suddenly stopped, locate the driver in the Device Manager under the Control Panel. Select the Ezonics EZCam driver and right-click on it. Select Uninstall to remove the driver and download a new version of the driver and install it.

New Drivers

Insert the driver CD that came packaged with the Webcam in the CD player on the computer. Wait for the installation wizard to begin automatically and follow the on-screen prompts. Connect the Webcam to the USB port if prompted to do so by the installation program. If the program does not prompt for a USB connection, wait for the driver installation to complete to connect the Webcam to the USB port.