Web Server Computer Room Requirements

By Marie Cartwright

A clean, secure server room is the heart of a functional network.
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Setting up a server room is a big project. Aside from assembling all the necessary electronics, the room itself has to meet certain requirements in order to house that expensive equipment safely. Setting up a well-designed server room will help to protect both your physical investment and your company's data.


Computer equipment doesn't do well if it gets too hot. Overheating can seriously damage delicate components beyond repair. Your server room should be air conditioned and without access to sunlight. Ideally, you want to keep the ambient temperature of the room no higher than 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Environmental Threats

Dust can also cause problems for computers. Clean your server room on a regular basis. Wipe down equipment with a clean, dry cloth, or use a compressed air canister to blow dust out of the way. Install air filters to keep as much dust out of the room as possible. Though dust is easy to spot, the bigger threat to your computers is actually invisible. Static electricity can be the end of a computer. Lay down a static pad in front of any doors to help prevent static discharge. Additionally, place a sign on the door to tell people that no magnets are allowed within the server room. Strong magnets can wreak havoc on computer equipment.

Employee Access

Server rooms are filled with valuable and expensive equipment. Many offices choose to limit server room access only to IT employees. Install a door lock or key pad that only select staff members have access to. You may want to implement an entry log, just in case equipment begins to go missing.


Keeping your server room well organized will not only help you to keep it clean, but it will also make life much easier for the IT team. Use sturdy server racks to maximize your space. Keep cables neat and tidy. Use zip ties to bundle them together when appropriate. Clearly label all equipment as needed.

Fire Safety

Electrical fires can pose a real danger to your staff and your equipment. Install a clean agent (water-free) fire suppression system in your server room. In most places, server rooms are required by law to follow fire code. Contact your local fire department to find out about any requirements specific to your area or to setup a free safety inspection.