How to Use a Web Browser to Upload Files via FTP

by Contributor

If a remote Web site has set permissions that allow it, you can use a Web browser to upload files using FTP. Site administrators who regularly invite file uploads often make this function available, since it simplifies the upload process.

Enter the address of the remote site in your browser window and click Enter or Return (Mac). Your browser will open the remote site.

Locate the area on the site that invites you to upload a file. Follow the instructions that are provided (these may differ from site to site). You may be required to enter an ID and log-in password. If the Webmaster of the remote site has set permissions for "Anonymous FTP," you might be able to upload without ID.

Locate the file on your hard disk, according to the site's directions. When the file is located and selected, follow instructions to begin the upload.


  • check In all cases, the permissions for uploading must be set by the remote administrator before you can FTP a file to another site.
  • check "Anonymous FTP" means that the permissions are set so that anyone can log in using a password such as "guest" or "anon". If permissions are not set to Anonymous FTP, you will be required to log on using passwords and ID that you have arranged with the administrator of the site.
  • check Practice good Net etiquette: run a virus scan on any files that you intend to upload to another computer.


  • close It is illegal to distribute software, music, graphics or other material unless you own the copyright or are otherwise licensed to do so.

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