How to Get WeatherBug Alerts Sent to My Phone

By Leah Perry

WeatherBug is a live weather data site where you can find weather related information for your specific location. You can access the WeatherBug information you need without a computer by having alerts sent from the site directly to your cellphone. Once you set up the alerts, you can choose what updates and news flashes you want to be told about. The charge for the service is added directly to your phone bill from your carrier so you don't have to enter your credit card information.

Go to the WeatherBug homepage and locate the text box in the middle of the page that says "Enter City or U.S. ZIP" with a green button next to it. Click on the link to the right of the text box and button that reads "World Weather."

Locate the tab labeled "Weather Tools" on the World Weather page green toolbar and click on it. The tools tab is situated between the "Lifestyle" and "About WeatherBug" tabs.

Scroll through the menu on the left-hand side of the tools page and click on the option that says "Mobile Weather." A sub-menu appears below the "Mobile Weather" heading; click on the option called "SMS Weather Alerts."

Choose your mobile carrier from the drop down menu on the WeatherBug Mobile page. The menu is located right next to the line that says "Wireless Carrier" with a small red star next to it. Enter your cellphone number into the provided text boxes below the carrier menu.

Type your email address into the text box below your cell phone number then enter your ZIP code in the final box on the page. The ZIP code you enter will be the area for which you receive weather alerts.

Click on the small check box next to the line that says "I agree to the following Terms and Conditions" after reading the linked document. Press the green button that says "GET WEATHER ALERTS NOW" to complete the alert setup.