The Best Ways to Mount a GPS

By Mindi Orth

Don’t block your view of the road when mounting your GPS.
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Numerous options are available when determining the best way to mount your GPS device. Before selecting a mounting solution, however, you must decide where you want to place your GPS. Often, GPS manufacturers include different kinds of mounts with the original packaging. If the mounts included don’t meet your needs, you can purchase an alternative mounting kit.

Suction Mount

Most GPS units come with a suction mount you can use to attach the device to your vehicle’s windshield. This type of mount uses a large suction cup to secure the GPS in place. In addition to attaching to the windshield, you can attach a suction mount to a smooth dashboard surface. This can be useful if you live or travel through a state that prohibits you from mounting a GPS to your windshield. One drawback to this type of mount is that the suction may fail in high humidity; another is that the suction only works on smooth surfaces. Therefore, you can’t use a suction mount on a textured dashboard.

Velcro Mount

Adhesive-backed Velcro allows you to mount your GPS securely to your vehicle’s dashboard. Depending on the size and weight of your GPS model, you can attach one or more strips of Velcro to both the back of your GPS and to the dashboard. Unfortunately, the adhesive may lose strength over time and the Velcro may no longer support the weight of your GPS. In addition, removing the Velcro may leave a sticky residue where the adhesive used to be.

Handlebar Mount

If you want to use your GPS on your motorcycle, a handlebar mount offers an ideal solution. These mounts use a U-bolt and nuts to secure the GPS to your motorcycle’s handlebars. Exposing your GPS to harsh elements while mounted to your handlebars, however, may damage the device.

Other Mounts

Other mounting kits are available, depending on where you want to place your GPS. A visor mount allows you to secure your GPS to your vehicle’s sun visor. Other mounting options include a cup holder mount and an air vent mount. Both of these allow you to secure your GPS without blocking your view of the road.