The Best Ways to Convert MKV to AVI

by Jamie Lisse

If you have some Matroska MKV video files on your computer, you may be having a hard time finding a media player that you can watch them on. In order to be able to view and edit the MKV files you can convert them into a more universal format, such as AVI. There are several video converter programs available that can do the MKV to AVI conversion, but some of the best ones are actually the free video converter programs.


Any Video Converter is a freeware program that you can download for use on a Windows machine. After opening Any Video Converter on your computer you will need to click on the "Add Video" button from the toolbar. Here you can select the MKV file that you want to convert. You can select more than one file to be converted at the same time. Once you have added all of the MKV files that you want to convert you need to set your output file type to AVI. Do this by clicking on the pull down menu by "Profile" in the upper right corner of the screen. Before you do the conversion you can set the output file destination by clicking on "Output Folder" on the lower left corner of the screen. Click on "Encode" from the toolbar to start the conversion. When all files are converted you will get a message on your screen letting you know.


Handbrake is an open source video converter program that works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Handbrake is free to use and supports MKV to AVI conversion. When you open Handbrake on your computer it will automatically bring up the add file screen. This is where you will select the MKV file that you want to convert. You can only select one file at a time. After selecting your MKV file you will be brought to the main window. You will want to look at the destination folder to see the default location for the AVI file to be saved to. You can change this by clicking on "Browse" by the destination field. Under Output Settings, you will need to use the pull down menu by "Format" to select AVI as your output format. Click "Start" from the toolbar and your conversion queue screen will appear. Once the conversion is complete this screen will disappear again.


If you do not want to have to download any programs to your computer, you can use the free online conversion tool at Media Convert (see Resources). Select your MKV file and then pick AVI as your output format. Click on the "OK" button to start your conversion. Media Convert will convert the file while you wait. The screen will refresh until the conversion is complete. A download link will appear on the screen once the file has been converted.

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