The Best Way to Sell Expensive Furniture

By Sarah Tidwell

Expensive furniture looks great in any home, but most people don't know what to do with it when they no longer want it. High-priced furnishings constructed of top-quality material last longer than most other possessions and retain value. Sell your old, expensive furniture on the Internet because it's easy, and you can reach potential customers outside of your geographic region.


Take pictures of your furniture from a variety of angles. Remove any personal belongings from the shot such as blankets on couches and lamps on tables. When selling a couch with a velvet-like texture, smooth out the material and use a lint roller to remove excess fibers. Take close-up pictures of print material on couches or chairs to capture the design and richness of colors. This technique also works well for details on wood furnishings. High-quality furniture often has detail throughout the woodwork so including this element in the photo can intrigue potential buyers.

Internet Posts

Locate a website that allows you to list items for sale for free such as Craigslist. You must set up an account on most of these sites using a valid e-mail address and password. Read the terms of agreement listed by the organization and either agree to them or deny. Remember that if you deny the agreement, you will not be able to post on the website. After you consent, select the link that allows you to begin your listing. Write a description of the piece of furniture and highlight the most desirable attributes. A great way to help the viewer verify a high-value item is to name the manufacturer. Even if the viewer does not recognize the name, he can conduct research to look at the other types of furniture produced by the company.

After completing the listing, add the pictures. Some websites only allow you to post a certain number of photos so choose them carefully. Upload the picture that incorporates the entire image in one shot first. Follow up that image with the next best, most clear shots. After listing the description and images, add the price. Determine the cost by considering the amount you paid and the extent of the wear.