The Best Way to Sell on eBay

by Joe Rivers

EBay is an incredibly popular and successful online auction site that allows users to buy and sell nearly any item imaginable. With such a popular and widely used site, it's key to make yourself and your auction stick out so that you can sell as efficiently as possible.

Length and Ending Time of Auctions

Deciding on the duration of your auction can help you make as much money on your item as possible. Sellers tend to agree that ending an auction on a Sunday around 5 to 6 p.m. PST, after two weeks of sale time, is best. However, these numbers are guidelines, and you should always keep the target market in mind. If you are selling a product aimed at mothers, for example, end the auction around mid-morning, when they are likely to be online. Apply this rule to other situations, aiming to get as many users online as possible while your auction is ending. This way, users will make last-minute bids (called sniping) in an attempt to beat out one another at the last moment.

Always Include a Picture

EBay lets you upload pictures to accompany your auctions---be sure to take advantage of this feature. Many buyers won't even give auctions without pictures a passing glance. Pictures of your item lend credibility to your sale and also let potential buyers get an idea of the quality of the item they are bidding on.

Give Lots of Detail

One of the drawbacks to eBay is that users are bidding on items from strangers, so trust is an inherent issue. To build a sense of trust among potential buyers, describe the item you are selling in detail. Explain why you are selling the item, how old it is, the condition it is in, accessories that may come with it and whether you have the original box and instructions, for example. In addition, be sure to explain your policies on shipping and refunds. This way, users will understand how you expect the auction to work, and you will protect yourself from faulty bidders.

Proper Titles and Reviews

Title your items in a professional and straightforward manner that describes what you are selling. If, for example, you are selling a 52-inch LCD TV from Samsung, label it something like "52-inch Samsung LN52 LCD TV." This title is clear and quickly describes what you are selling. Once you have sold your item, make sure to review your buyer. This way, you promote him or her as a good buyer and encourage a review of you as a positive seller. The greater the rating, the more likely a user will buy from you, making your auctions more successful.

About the Author

Joe Rivers has written professionally since 2004. He has been published in multiple computer related blogs, such as MacApper and DesktopVibes. Rivers is a full time student, currently in his second year working towards a Bachelor of Arts in architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee