The Best Way to Connect Wirelessly to the Internet With a Laptop

by Jose Leiva

There are various ways of connecting to the Internet wirelessly on a laptop. First, you can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi "hotspot." Second, you can connect to the Internet wirelessly using a wireless universal serial bus (USB) connect card from a mobile-phone provider such as Sprint, ATT, or Verizon. These connection cards allow you to connect to the Internet using the provider's wireless network, and work similarly to cell-phone service. Finally, you can use a wireless Internet router at home. The best, least expensive, and most reliable of these methods is the wireless router.

Connect an Internet modem to a wireless router. Whether it is a DSL or a cable modem doesn't matter. Whatever broadband service you decide on will work. To connect the modem to the router, plug an Ethernet cable into the modem, then plug it into the router. The router's modem port is separate from its the other ports.

Create a local area network (LAN) to which your laptop can connect. Use the software disc provided with the router to create the network. Make sure to follow the network-creating wizard carefully. Add a password to your network if you want to protect it from unknown users.

Connect to the network using your laptop. You'll need to have a wireless card in your laptop or a wireless adapter to do this. To connect to the network, click on the wireless-card or adapter program and click "Find network." Once your network is located, select the network and click "Connect." Your laptop will get an IP address from the router and connect to the Internet. If you have your network password protected, you'll be asked for a password.

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