The Best Way to Boost the Satellite Signal on a TV

By Kristan Hart

A satellite signal runs through a lot of cabling before it reaches your television. Satellite cabling begins at the satellite dish, runs through your house and ends up at your receiver. If the signal travels more than 100 feet, you could notice a decrease in the quality of your audio and video, unless you use a satellite TV booster. A booster helps you boost satellite signals so it has the extra power it needs to arrive at your television with the same level of quality that you would see if you connected to the signal right at your satellite dish.

In-Line Amplifier

Connect an RG6 cable to the connector underneath your satellite LNB, which is the arm that extends from your satellite dish. Run that cable into your attic, and connect an in-line amplifier to the other end of the cable to boost the signal. Use another RG6 cable connected to the other end of your amplifier to connect to your satellite receiver. The cable should plug into the “SAT IN” input. Plug a third RG6 cable into the “TV OUT” connector on the back of your satellite receiver. Connect the other end of that cable to another in-line amplifier to boost satellite signals traveling from your satellite receiver to your television. Connect a fourth RG6 cable to the other end of your in line amplifier, and run that cable to your television, where it will plug into the “TV IN” connector on the back of your TV.