Homemade Name Tag Pin Badges

by Melissa WorcesterUpdated January 09, 2018

There are many kinds of name tags. You can get expensive, professionally made name badges with names and logos printed on metal or plastic, or you can use sticky name tags with names written in pen. But there are many ways to produce professional-looking name badges on your own.

Pre-printed Stickers or Badges

Design a format that contains your company logo or a design that fits the design scheme for your overall event. Leave space for each employee's or participant's name. Decide whether you will print the individual names with a computer or find someone who has attractive handwriting to write them. Your decision may be between using labels that you can print on with your computer's printer or card stock that you cut to fit inside plastic name badge sleeves that have pins attached.

Badges with Lanyards

Most office supply stores sell name badge holders made of clear vinyl. These often have holes that allow you to attach them to lanyards, resulting in a name badge that is worn hanging around the neck. Some of these come with pre-perforated cards that fit inside the vinyl badge holders, and others require you to cut the cards to fit after you have printed them. Make these name badges even more customized by ordering custom lanyards pre-printed with your company logo, slogan or other message. They are good for visitors, volunteers and employees who wear professional dress or other type of street clothes.

Badges with Clips

Vinyl badge holders like those mentioned above can also be clipped to other types of holders, or they can be purchased with built-in pins or clips. Those that don't have anything built in can hang from clips that can be purchased separately. These types are meant to be worn hanging from the front of a garment and are good for organizations where employees wear uniforms.


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