WAV to Text Conversion Software

By Julie Wein

WAV to text conversion software will eliminate the need for a writing pad.
i Steno notepad open, lots of space for your text image by Steve Johnson from Fotolia.com

WAV to text conversion software is software that converts voice to written text. The software includes speech recognition, which allows the program to understand the voice commands and translate them.


Depending on the particular program used, the WAV to text software comes with a dictation pad. The dictation pad allows you to convert dialogue into text. This can be done in real-time.


Any WAV file previously recorded can be converted from WAV to text with 80 percent accuracy. This can be improved by training the software to recognize your voice patterns. Converted documents can easily be edited to correct any errors that may have occurred during the conversion.


Wave to text converters allow people on the go to record any thoughts, comments or memos to themselves without needing to carry around a pen and paper. Wave to text software can convert spoken words to text without having to worry about extensive proof-reading. Application developers can incorporate WAV to text conversion software into their applications.