How to Waterproof a Cell Phone

by Jennifer Dermody

Water damage to cell phones is the leading cause of their demise. Waterproofing your cell phone is as easy as purchasing the correct waterproof cell case. A new development called Ion-Mask technology is currently underway. It is a process of waterproofing cell phones in the same way soldiers' uniforms are made. This process might just lead to the production of the next generation of personal electronic devices that are fully waterproof.

Some cases are sold based on the measurement of the phone and its features.

Familiarize yourself with the model of your particular cell phone as well as other phones with the same features to choose the best case. Measure the length, width and height.

Buy your case from a retailer with training on waterproof cases.

Choose a retailer that specializes in waterproof cell phone covers. Using a generic version instead of a name brand may leak and ruin your phone.

Read the included instructions carefully. Follow steps closely.

Seal your phone safely in a waterproof case before using near water.

Seal your phone in the case to make a waterproof cell phone.


  • close If your exact cell phone does not have a case made specifically for it, then check with a trained sales associate to be sure a generic case will fit the measurements of your phone and protect it.

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