How to Watermark Photos

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Putting photos online to share with family and friends is a common occurrence now but what about protecting your rights as the person who took the photos or owns them? Watermarking is adding information into a digital signal. Visible watermarking is the most popular form to do photos. Watermarking a photo keeps you safe from someone else stealing your photos and calling them their own.

Find watermarking software or programs. There are many programs online that allow you to do batch watermarking or one photo at a time. You must have one of these programs in order to watermark your photos.

Add a line of text stating your copyright information if you have photography software. Use the transparency guide to lighten your text to make it more translucent and professional.

Make many different types of watermarks if you are using software. Text watermarks can state a name and date or say something like “demo” or “do not copy.” You can add specific text if you own a company such as a wedding photography company. In that case you would add your company name for example. You can add a date only or a copyright in relation to your company.

Be sure to have a backup copy of your original photo in case you make mistakes that can’t be corrected. Decide if you want to do a batch or single photos.

Decide upon your watermark’s specifications. You can pick out how large you want your watermark or if it’s centered. Specifications also include text type and color.

Decide where you want your watermark. If you are displaying your photos that you do not want copied in any form, you can place your watermark across the photo. Make sure it’s transparent enough to showcase your photo but prevalent enough to deter people from stealing the photo. If you do not want to make any changes on the photo itself but still want to watermark it, you can place a small border at the bottom with the watermark. Keep in mind that these are easily cropped so people can still steal your photos but at least you are protected by the warning they read.


  • check Find free watermarking software online to save money.

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