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Though the core feature of a TiVo DVR unit remains recording television programs for later viewing, it also sports several other capabilities for watching other types of media. With a network cable connected, your TiVo can access a host of online services including Pandora radio, Netflix and YouTube. Watching YouTube videos requires no additional subscription or fees, just an active Internet connection. TiVo Series 3 and newer boxes support YouTube.

Step 1

Connect an Ethernet cord to the back of the TiVo set; connect the other end to your Internet modem or router. If you wish to connect the TiVo to a wireless connection, you will need a separately-available TiVo wireless adapter.

Step 2

Open "Messages and Settings" from the TiVo Central menu to set up the network connection. Open "Settings," then "Network and Phone." Select "Change Network Settings." If the TiVo wireless adapter is connected, the wireless network list will automatically appear. Select a network to connect to it. For a wired network, assign an IP address by selecting either "Get Automatically from a DHCP Server," if your router or modem uses DHCP, or "Let Me Specifiy a Static IP Address." A "Network setup complete" message will appear.

Step 3

Return to the TiVo Central menu and select "Find TV, movies, & videos." If you're using the standard definition TiVo menus, this option is called "Video On Demand." Select "YouTube" from the list.

Step 4

Select a category from the list and press "Select" to browse the category. A preview of the section will appear in the right-hand frame. Use the arrow keys and the "Select" button or the remote's flip-out keyboard to enter text into the "Search" section.

Step 5

Scroll between videos using the arrow buttons, or scroll through entire pages with the "Chan/Page" buttons. Highlight a video and press the "Play" button to view it.

Control the video using the "Fast-Forward," "Rewind" and "Pause" buttons. Press the left arrow key to return to the list of videos; use the "Instant Replay" button to replay a video from the beginning.


  • YouTube videos stream directly from the Internet. This means that you need to navigate to the video each time you want to watch it, but it will not take up any recording storage space on your TiVo.


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