How to Watch Your Webcam From Work

By Melly Parker

Updated September 29, 2017

Some computers have built-in webcams, but you can also attach an external webcam to a computer.
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Many programs available enable you to view your webcam remotely, including Skype, TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop. After you've installed the software on your computer and configured it, you can access your webcam feed from any computer or compatible mobile device with Internet access.

Skype Automatic Video

Sign in to your primary Skype account on your home computer. You don't need the desktop client, because Skype is available as a Windows 8 program that comes installed on most computers and can also be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Press "Windows key- C," click "Settings" and then "Options." Select "Calls."

Change both sliders under the "Calls" option to "Yes" so that Skype both answers calls automatically and turns on video automatically. After you've changed your settings, add your secondary work Skype account as a Skype contact on your home account.

Sign in to Skype with your secondary account. Click the name of your primary Skype account under "People." Click the icon that looks like a video camera to call your home computer.


Since anyone who calls your Skype account will be automatically connected with video, it's a good idea to create a home account that only you can access. Make sure people who aren't on your contact list can't make a call to you on Skype.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Install Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app (see Resources) on your home computer. Launch the app and then sign in to your Google Account. Click "Continue" and then "Accept."

Click "Get Started" under My Computers and then click "Enable Remote Connections." Enter and confirm your security PIN. Make a note of the security PIN so you can use it at work, or email it to your work email address.

Install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your work computer. Sign in with the same Google username and password you used at home. Click on the listing that represents your home computer and enter your PIN to access Google Chrome on your home computer.

Launch the Windows Camera app on your home computer from your office computer. As soon as the Camera app opens, you webcam will display a live feed from your house.

Other Options

There are other options for watching your webcam from work beyond Skype and Google Chrome Remote Desktop. One option is an IP-based webcam which is connected directly to your home's wireless network. You can then type in the IP for this webcam into your web browser at work and see the webcam's video. Make sure to enable a password for this IP-based webcam to keep your webcam footage from being viewed by anyone else.

Another option is to install the free TeamViewer remote desktop software on your home computer and set it up for unattended access with a username and password. Download the TeamViewer program on your work computer and log in with the same username and password as your home computer. Connect to your home computer on TeamViewer and launch the Windows Camera app on the computer to view your webcam from work.


You can adjust the settings for My Webcam Monitor in the program to add a password, which will make it more secure.