How to Watch a Video Without Continuous Buffering

By Stephen Lilley

Buffering is when a streaming video pauses midway through, allowing Adobe Flash Player to download more of the video before resuming. If you have a slow Internet connection or just find that your computer is prone to continuous buffering when watching streaming content from your Web browser, there are a few things you can do to lessen this effect and watch videos without pauses.

Open your Web browser and load the page for the video that you're trying to watch. For example, if your video is housed on YouTube, go to YouTube's website and search for the appropriate video by either name or keyword.

Press "Play" on the video and immediately press "Pause." This will start the process of Adobe Flash Player retrieving the video. But because the player is paused, the video will not actually play.

Watch the "Status" bar in the video window until you see that the entire video has been retrieved. On sites like YouTube, this will be marked by a small red bar slowly filling up to 100 percent near the "Play," "Pause" and "Stop" buttons. When this bar is filled up, click "Play." Your video plays and will not buffer at all, because you won't be watching the video faster than Adobe Flash Player can retrieve it.