How to Watch Live Soccer Streaming Matches Online

By Alexandra Bee

Live soccer matches are available on different operating systems, as it is based in your Web browser.
i Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Streaming a live soccer match in your Web browser allows you to watch an entire soccer game of your choice without the need to download or install additional software or files. Whether you're an avid soccer fan or you are looking to catch a game not available with your cable service, streaming online soccer matches is possible by using a variety of online resources and websites.

Step 1

Launch your computer's default Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox).

Step 2

Browse to a well-known online soccer-streaming service, such as ESPN (, Live Soccer TV ( or Fox Soccer (

Step 3

Look through the available online game schedules for each soccer match to see the times and where the games are being played. Many online soccer-streaming services feature schedules by teams and time, making it simple to view upcoming as well as past soccer matches.

Step 4

Click on the game that you wish to view to get more information and details on the match and also begin streaming it live. Locate and press "Streaming," "Live" or "Play" to begin watching the match.

Step 5

Allow the live video of the game to begin buffering and streaming. Each computer's streaming speed varies according to the speed of the website, the video stream and your own computer itself.