How to Watch Netflix on Two Devices at the Same Time

by Tammy Columbo
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The standard Netflix subscription allows you to register up to six devices to your account. You can also create up to four additional user sub-accounts for friends and family. Netflix allows you to concurrently stream video content to two of your registered devices with the standard plan. You can upgrade your plan to support four simultaneous streams for an additional monthly fee. To stream on two devices at once, create a sub-account for the second user and log in to Netflix on each device with a different account.

Create Sub-Account

Step 1

Open the Netflix Your Account page (see Resources) and log in using the credentials for the primary account.

Step 2

Click the “Manage Profiles” link in the Your Account main screen.

Step 3

Click the “Add Profile” icon and type a username for the new account in the text field. Note that the username for sub-accounts does not need to be an email address as required for primary accounts. Click the check box labeled “This is a Profile for Kids Under 12“ option, if appropriate.

Click “Continue.” The user is added to the Manage Profile screen.

Play Two Simultaneous Streams

Step 1

Log in to the first device with the primary account.

Step 2

Launch a movie or TV show and begin streaming on the first device. The first time you launch a video stream, you will be prompted to download and install the Silverlight browser plug-in. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Step 3

Click “Activate Device,” when prompted, to register the first device on your account.

Step 4

Log in to the second device with the new sub-account. Launch a movie or TV show to begin streaming on the second device.

Click "Activate Device," when prompted. The second device is registered to your account. Install the Silverlight plug-in, if prompted. Each device should now stream the selected video content to the respective device without issue.


  • If you cannot stream content to two devices and receive an error, stop streams on all devices, then open Netflix on the device that received the error. Attempt to launch a video stream. If the error continues, it is possible that the title has failed to exit properly. The error will automatically resolve, however, it may take up to two hours to do so.


  • If the concurrent stream limit is reached for your account, a notification displays to users attempting to connect with additional devices that the account is in use.
  • If you notice unauthorized use of your Netflix account, you can deactivate all devices at once, then change your Netflix password. To deactivate all devices, open the "Manage Devices" page when logged in to your account (see Resources) and follow the prompts.

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