How to Watch the NBA on the Internet

By Bill Reynolds

Fans have a range of options when it comes to watching NBA games online.
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If you’re a big-time fan of the NBA, lack of access to a television set can be a painful experience -- especially during an important game. But this unfortunate scenario doesn’t always have to keep from watching your favorite team; there are a number of ways to watch certain live NBA games online wherever you might find yourself. All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and you can get your head back in the game., League Pass Broadband

It’s possible to watch certain regular season basketball games online through the official NBA website. If you’re willing to pay the subscription fee, you can watch local and non-local games through your broadband connection. Once you sign up for a standard NBA League Pass Account, you can use your account number and provider name to authenticate your account online. You will be able to watch any live NBA game on your computer, regardless of where in the country that game is being played., ESPN3

Select NBA games are available for viewing on “Watch ESPN” through ESPN’s website. Watch ESPN makes live programming broadcast on various ESPN channel available for convenient viewing on your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Watch ESPN is free for people who already have access to ESPN through their cable provider. All you need to do to start watching is download the WatchESPN app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the simple instructions. Additionally, free streaming of ESPN3 is available to college students and certain U.S. military members who have access to their organizations’ online networks. However, because only certain high-profile NBA games are broadcast on ESPN, your online selection will be limited.

ABC “Watch ABC” App

ABC broadcasts a certain number of high-profile NBA games throughout the season, including the entirety of the NBA Finals. If you’re on the go and wish to watch these games on your phone, tablet or laptop you can download an app called “Watch ABC” that is available for your personal computers, Apple devices and Kindle Fire devices. As long as the game in question is one that ABC is slotted to broadcast on television, you will have access to it through the Watch ABC app. This viewing experience is free for any customers who have been verified through their cable provider.

TNT Overtime

TNT broadcasts certain NBA games throughout the season, and these games are also available to watch via free HD streaming through TNT Overtime. Not only can you watch select games live on your computer or laptop, but you have access to a number of features you wouldn’t get with a typical television broadcast. With TNT Overtime you can change camera angles, watch multiple angles at the same time and even choose to follow individual players as they run up and down the court. Much like ABC’s “Watch ABC” app, TNT Overtime, available through TNT’s website, is limited to the games broadcast on the cable channel.

Location Considerations

All of the above websites can be accessed in the United States and most major cities throughout the world, according to the CA Technologies website. However, it is impossible to guarantee website availability in all instances. To be sure whether or not you'll be able to access these services from your particular location, check with your cable provider for any known compatibility issues.