How to Watch Movies on a TV From an HP Laptop

by Emily Patterson

With the right connections, cables and monitor settings, you can watch movies on a TV from an HP Laptop. In addition, a television screen can be used as a computer monitor. If you have a big screen television, you can enhance your interactive online, or offline, experience with the larger viewing area available on a television screen. The most common connection ports are S-Video and HDMI.

On Windows XP and Vista, you can search "Help and Support" to be sure you have the information for adding another monitor for your operating system. Enter "connect to television" in the search box. This will give you specific instructions based on the video card and ports currently installed in your machine.

Check to see which connection you have on both the HP Laptop and TV for the connection. Newer computers and televisions will often have both S-Video and HDMI ports. Older HP Laptops and televisions will have an S-Video port, but not the HDMI port.

Purchase the correct cable for the connection between your HP Laptop and TV at a local retailer or an online source.

Turn off and unplug the HP Laptop and the TV. Insert one end of the chosen cable into the HP Laptop and the other into the TV. Plug in and turn the television on, and then do the same for the HP Laptop.

Start the program you will be using to play the movie. If it starts on the HP Laptop, click the "Restore Down" button on the application window. This is the button in between the "Close" and "Minimize" buttons. Left click and hold the title bar to drag the application window onto the television screen by dragging it off the side of the monitor. When you have the whole movie application window showing on the television screen, click the "Maximize" button. This is the button between the "Minimize" and "Close" buttons.

Click "Start" on the HP Laptop, and watch the video on the TV.


  • check When you disconnect the HP Laptop from the television, remember to change the settings in the monitor control panel.


  • close Wires and cables can be a trip and fall hazard. Be sure that wires and cables are not in walking areas. If someone should trip over the wires, it may cause permanent damage to the ports on both the HP Laptop and television, as well as personal injury.

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