How to Watch Movies Without a Flash Player

By Greyson Ferguson

There are dozens of different video formats available on a computer system, most of which play in a standard media player (such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime). Although Adobe Flash video files do require a flash player, no other format needs this player, so if you want to view the movie file without downloading a flash player you need to make sure the video is not a flash-based movie file.

Step 1

Navigate to the location on the computer you have the video file saved. The exact location is going to vary, depending on where you saved it.

Step 2

Right-click the file, then select "Properties" from the pull-down menu. This loads a window with all the information pertaining to the video file.

Step 3

Look at the video file format. As long as the file is not ".flv" (flash video file) you are able to play the content without a flash player.

Close the properties window, then double-click the movie file. This loads the default media player onto the screen. Click "Play" and the video file begins to play.