How to Watch Internet Video on the PSP

by Lindsay Howell

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) can access wireless Internet via an Internet browser. Just like an Internet browser on a computer, the PSP browser can play Internet videos. In order to access a website that has Internet videos, you will need to install the 2.80 or higher firmware. You will need to connect to a wireless Internet connection to install the firmware upgrade and to watch videos online.


Turn on the PSP. Press the directional pad to the left until you come to "Settings." Press "X" to open it.


Move to "Network Settings" by pressing down on the directional pad. Press the "X" button to open the selection.


Select "Infrastructure Mode" by pressing the "X" button. Choose "New Connection." Pick the "Scan" option. Press "X" on the wireless Internet connection that you want to connect to. If it is password protected, insert the correct password.


Go to "Settings" and select "Network Settings."


Press "X" on "Network Update."


Choose the "Download" option to download the newest firmware update. Press the "X" button after selecting the firmware to install the software. The PSP will reboot after the information firmware is downloaded. After the reboot, the firmware will be installed.


Go to "Network" on the main menu after the PSP reboots. Select "Internet Browser" by pressing "X."


Select the address bar by pressing "Up" on the directional pad. Type in the address of the site that has the Internet video you want to watch. Press "Enter" and then press "X" to visit the site.

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