How to Watch Internet TV on Tivo

By Jay Darrington

i Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you're a big fan of Internet TV shows and watch them regularly on a computer, you may be interested to know that you can also watch them on your regular TV through the use of TiVo and its digital video recording service. TiVo makes available several popular Internet TV shows as well as many different video podcasts for your viewing pleasure.

Step 1

Establish a broadband connection to your TiVo by plugging the Ethernet cable into the TiVo and your Internet router. The port for connecting the cable will be labeled on the TiVo. Alternatively, if you have a wireless network, plug the TiVo wireless adapter into the back of the TiVo, and follow the onscreen instructions that appear to connect your TiVo to your wireless network.

Step 2

Bring up the TiVo menu on your TV screen. You can do this by pressing the “Menu” button on your TiVo remote.

Step 3

Click "'TiVo Central," "Video on Demand" and finally "Browse Web Videos." You should see a list of videos from the Internet.

Step 4

Browse for a TV show by surfing through the categories with the arrow keys on the remote. When you find a show you like, select "Watch Now" and press the “Enter” key.

Step 5

Download the show by selecting "Download this show" if you want to save it on your TiVo.