How to Watch Flash With a Proxy

By Mitchell White

Many organizations like colleges, businesses, and so on limit website use on certain sites such as those that play Flash videos like YouTube. One method for unlocking blocked sites in general is to use a proxy, which is a site that conceals the origin of the user. The problem with proxies is that many of them won't allow you to play FLV movies. You can fix this issue by navigating to specific proxy sites that allow Flash.

Visit Wash-Hide (see Resources). Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the Website address for your Flash video in the textbox there. Click "Go" to navigate to the site and begin watching the video.

Visit Job Hide (see Resources). Click on the textbox under " Instruction." Paste the website address you want there. Click "Go" to navigate to the site and watch the Flash video.

Go to the Bebo Proxy site (see Resources). This site lets you connect via proxy to Flash sites as well as subscribe to a proxy email service. Enter your website address in the box at the very bottom, and click "Visit" to navigate to that site and view the Flash video.