How to Watch Direct TV in German

By Jennifer Moore

Watch DirecTV programs in German if it is your native tongue or you are learning the language.
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DirecTV subscribers have the option of changing a program's original language to another language like German, but only if that particular program has language options. Unfortunately there are only a few channels and programs that allow for language changing. Another way to get access to DirecTV programming in German is by downloading a special satellite TV program utility that accesses many different satellite channels from different countries, including Germany. The software accesses DirecTV programming throughout the world and allows you to view foreign language channels (unavailable on the U.S. DirecTV) on your computer.

DirecTV Settings

Step 1

Look at the top right corner of the bottom channel banner. Determine if there is a speaker icon displayed here. The speaker icon indicates that the program is displayed in additional languages.

Step 2

Pick up your DirecTV remote control. Press the yellow button on the remote. This button is located in the upper part of the remote within the buttons placed in a circular pattern.

Step 3

Select "Audio Options" from the configuration screen that appears. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate to the "Audio Options" tab on the screen.

Step 4

Select "German" from the list of language options. Use the arrow keys to select "German" or press the "Green" button on the remote to cycle through the available languages until you get to "German." Even though a program may have alternate languages available, German may not be an available language for a particular show.

Satellite Online

Step 1

Download one of the Satellite TV to PC utility programs (See Resources) to your computer. As of 2011, these usually have a fee from approximately $40 to $60 U.S. for the entire year. You do not need any special hardware or TV card for the program to work.

Step 2

Click on the installation icon located in the folder into which you downloaded the program. Wait for the installation wizard to start and complete in a few minutes.

Step 3

Open the program. Locate the language option and select "German" as the language in which you want to view the TV channels. Wait for a list of available categories and channels in German to appear. Most will come from the German DirecTV, but can come from other countries like Switzerland. Click on the channel that seems interesting and begin watching German satellite TV on your computer.