The Volume Switch on the Side of the iPad Does Not Work

By Nicole Martinez

You can adjust volume while watching videos.
i Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Physical trauma can cause buttons like your iPad's volume rocker to stop functioning properly. However, Apple provides software alternatives to every physical button on the iPad, and there are more alternative solutions for a non-working iPad volume button than for, say, the "Home" button.

Adjust the Volume

There are multiple on-screen ways to adjust the volume. You can open the Settings app, touch "General," choose "Sounds" and adjust the master volume slider. Alternatively, videos and music pages have separate controls, and a volume slider appears when the apps are open. Since iOS 6, Apple also lets you swipe left or right with four fingers to open the multitasking bar. On media apps, this gesture displays the volume control. Double-pressing the "Home" button will also bring up this bar.

Fix the Button

Apple may not cover damage to your volume button, even if it is under warranty. If you go to an Apple store, the company may choose to replace your iPad with a refurbished model rather than repair it. You can purchase replacement buttons online and attempt the fix yourself or have a third-party electronics specialist look at your iPad. However, any unauthorized work done on your iPad will void your warranty.