How do I Get My Voice Mail Password for My New Verizon Phone Number?

By Matt McGew

Voicemail allows people to check messages from any phone.
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When you sign up for Verizon's digital voice mail service, you will receive an access number used to set up your voice mail password. By default, Verizon assigns your voice mail a default password that is always the last four digits of your telephone number. The voice mail setup process allows you to change this temporary password so that you can access your Verizon voice mail.

Step 1

Dial the access number to set up your Verizon voice mail from your Verizon telephone. If you do not know your access number, you can use Verizon's "Retrieve your Voice Mail Access Number" tool to get your access number.

Step 2

Enter the last four digits of your Verizon phone number when prompted to enter your temporary password.

Step 3

Press the "#" key on your Verizon phone.

Step 4

Enter the new password you want to use to access your Verizon voice mail. Create a password between four and eight numerical digits. You have now set up your password for your Verizon voice mail. Hang up to save the new password settings or continue following the voice prompts to set up a personalized voice mail greeting message .