How to Get Voice Mail From Magic Jack

By Jason Artman

Get Voice Mail From Magic Jack
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MagicJack is a company that provides telephone service over the Internet. Using a USB device, a customer can connect a telephone to his computer, giving him the ability to place and receive calls. If you are a MagicJack customer, your account includes free voice mail service. The voice mail service receives messages if you do not have an answering machine connected to your telephone. If you have missed a call and think that you may have voice mail, MagicJack provides two ways for you to check your messages.

Launch the MagicJack software on your computer using the desktop or Start menu shortcut. When the telephone keypad graphic appears on the screen, click the "Voicemail" button. Alternatively, pick up any phone and dial your MagicJack phone number.

Press the "" button on the telephone or click the "" button on the keypad graphic when you begin to hear a recorded voice.

Enter the four digits of your MagicJack passkey. If you have never set a password for your MagicJack voice mail, use the default passkey, "1234."

Follow the automated prompt to listen to your MagicJack voice-mail messages. You may also use the menu options to save and delete messages.