Free Virtual Driving Lessons

By Tandeace Hairston

Don't confuse virtual driving lessons with actual driving lessons.
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Virtual driving lessons are primarily for entertainment purposes. You cannot expect to learn how to drive an actual motor vehicle through driving lessons that are virtual. Some sites do offer information about the driving test, though, in addition to virtual driving lessons, and it could help you on a written driving test.

Learn 4 Good: Driver Education Simulator Game

Choose your instructor and proceed to the game menu for these virtual driving lessons. You can choose the "Practice Lessons" option and come back to the main menu to take the driving test. With the use of your keyboard you can practice parallel parking, turning left at a 4-way stop, turning left at a green light, and pulling out of a parking space. The driving exam tests what you've practiced and allows you a certain number of times to perform a certain driving task correctly.

3-D Driving School Simulator

The 3-D Driving School Simulator gives you step-by-step virtual driving experience with a car, motorcycle or scooter. Virtual drivers can drive in different traffic conditions, like rain or snow, and during the day and night. It's also an option to switch headlights on and off and turn windshield wipers on and off as needed. This simulator does cost money, but if you look to the top left for the third tab you'll see the "Download a free DEMO" link that allows you to try it free.

Left Turn Driving School: Virtual Driving Class

This virtual class offers to help you learn the basic principles of driving, including technical skills and comprehensive knowledge, so that you can exercise improved judgment before you actually take driving lessons behind the wheel. In order to access the virtual driving school, you must register by submitting your phone number, email and name. You'll get a temporary password (you can change this once you've logged in) via your e-mail that you can use to log in and access the virtual classes.