How to Get My Viewsonic Projector to Work on My Mac

by Joshua Laud

If you want to project your Mac display across a wall or screen, connect it to a ViewSonic Projector. ViewSonic Projectors are compatible with Apple Mac computers but might require a converter cable. Depending on the age and model of your projector, you may need to buy a converter. Viewsonic distributes converters for each of its connection types.

Check the type of "video out" connector your Mac has. Typically Macs feature a DVI or a Micro-DVI port. Consult your computer's user documentation if you are unsure.

Connect your Mac to the projector using the connection cable provided with the projector. If you need to use a converter cable as well, connect it to the Mac.

Turn on your projector.

Click the Apple logo on the task bar. Click "Displays." Click "Detect Displays."

Change the resolution for the projector if needed. Your ViewSonic Projector will now work with your Mac.

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