Viewing the Dates of Browser Searches on an Android

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Each browser on your Android device has its own Web history.
i pressureUA/iStock/Getty Images

Your Android’s Web browsers provide a history of your searches with the most recent sites listed first. This browsing history can bring up each entry in a new tab for quick access. Your browser apps also enable you to manage your log with the option to remove this search history for your privacy.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome logs your searches and displays the date and time on the History screen. The Chrome Menu button near the Omnibox includes the History options. The log displays searches in reverse chronological order, with the most recent searches at the top and the oldest searches at the bottom. Each entry includes the time in a 24-hour format, such as 19:00 for 7:00 p.m. The "X" button on each field enables you to remove this website from the History. The Clear Browsing Data button opens the checklist with preferred options, such as Clear Browsing History and Clear Autofill Data, to manage your logged searches.

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox app also logs your searches in reverse chronological order. When you hold your tablet in a horizontal position, tapping the header’s dark gray corner next to the first tab expands a sidebar with a "+" icon at the bottom. Tap this "+" icon to display three tabs: Top Sites, Bookmarks and History. Tap "History" to view the log for your searches. Section headings include Today, Yesterday, 7 Days Ago and Older than 7 Days. This Firefox History tab does not sort by the exact date or time as the Google Chrome app does. Pressing and holding a website link brings up the pop-up window. Select one of these options: "Open in New Tab," "Share," "Remove" or "Add to Home Screen."

Opera Mini

Opera Mini provides the "O" menu icon in the navigation bar with a drop-down menu that includes the History button. Tap the "History" icon to open the History window with the most recent site at the top of the list. The Clear All button erases your Web searches.

UC Browser

UC Browser includes a Menu button displaying the Bookmarks/History icon in the General tab sheet. Tap "Bookmarks/History" to open the next screen, and then tap the "History" tab to open your search log. The Manage button at the lower screen filters your entries. For example, tap "Manage" and then tap "By Date" on the menu. Your searches display in sections for Today, Yesterday and Two Days Ago. The Clear button will delete your browsing history.