How to View a PowerPoint Presentation in a Browser

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PowerPoint is a Microsoft software product that contains graphics and templates for making slide show presentations. Word processing, outlining, drawing and graphing are all a part of the vast tool package in PowerPoint. The software makes designing presentations fun and easy. Read on to learn how to view a PowerPoint presentation in a browser.

Make a PowerPoint presentation on either a Mac or PC. The operating systems are different for each.

Decide on the browser you will use. Mac people tend to use Netscape instead of Internet Explorer. People who use PC tend to use Internet Explorer.

Select the "Save As" feature in PowerPoint to save the presentation as an HTML file.

Determine which web browser you will choose--Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Save the presentation--upload the file to a web page.

Create a URL for the new HTML page. The URL will take viewers to the PowerPoint presentation online.

Watch the presentation with a selected web browser.


  • check You can add a variety of multimedia functions to the presentation including voice over.


  • close Complicated animations, transitions and other multimedia functions may not work as a HTML page in PowerPoint.

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